Isolation Versus Venting || The New Debate for In-Ear Design

Balvinder Singh, Chief Engineer for Stealth Sonics, discusses the benefits of a pressure release valve for in-ear monitors. The Benefits Of Venting Isolation has been the holy grail for musicians, audio professionals, and audiophiles as they seek the ideal IEM. However, if protecting your hearing over the medium to long-term is as important to you as it is for us at Stealth Sonics, then we need to throw isolation + venting into the mix. As a company with over 10 years of heritage in the audiology world, we understand and can’t preach enough about the importance of having proper hearing...

What can I do to help someone with hearing loss?

When someone is diagnosed with a hearing loss, it is natural for them to feel upset or disheartened about it. The person may have mixed emotions such as denial, anger, anxiety, sadness or confusion. It is important for close friends or family to be very supportive and help the person to come to terms with it. Providing a good listening ear and being empathetic is the best way to show support, and some words of encouragement will go a long way.If hearing aids are needed for him, make sure to reassure him that he does not have to be conscious...

Sign Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a silent impairment, reason being it can appearsubtle, occur slowly over years or come about so suddenly. However, there are some common indications or signs and symptoms that may help individuals to raise the suspect of hearing loss in yourself or your loved one. Some signs or symptoms may occur repeatedly or in combination. You might have hearing loss if you experience any of the signs or notices changes in your behaviour as follow; 1. You think that other people seems to mumble their words frequently. 2. You have difficulties understanding conversation in crowd/ noisy area like restaurant, conferences,...


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