Our Story

We are a group of audiologists, engineers, musicians and gamers that have been serving the audiology and audio needs of musicians, audio professionals, audiophiles and patients in South East-Asia for almost 10 years. 

We pride ourselves as a global company with people based in: the sunny tropical city of Singapore where we are headquartered; the bustling capital of India in Delhi; the capital of music in the USA in music city Nashville ; the Northern tip of Europe and the frigid North of Canada.

All our In-Ear Monitors are Designed and Assembled in Singapore, The Lion City.

Celebrated in Pro-Audio

When you choose Stealth Sonics, you are inheriting a piece of technology that has been refined and tested by professional musicians and award-winning sound engineers for over a decade. From touring rockstars to producers, there is always somebody you know in our extended list of endorsements. With our entry into gaming, who knows how much the list would grow?

Back by Audiology Roots

Beyond making great sounding gear, we are dedicated to ensuring that our In-Ear Monitors come loaded with hearing protection features to protect the users hearing. With years of experience in Audiology (the science of hearing and balance), we have studied ways to redesign the traditional in-ear to enhance hearing protection. Through these efforts our customers can be reassured that extra care has been taken to ensure that our In-Ear Monitors mitigate hearing loss and reduce ear fatigue to allow the user to enjoy longer listening sessions.

Aerospace Engineering Advantage

From specific problems like resonance control to the materials used, our In-Ear Monitors are packed with intentional and purposeful proprietary designed innovations through years of experience gathered from Aerospace Engineering.